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What is the HDT?

The mission of the Hustle Dance Tour is to grow the popularity of Hustle and the skill level of its dancers. We do this through friendly competitions known as "Jack and Jills" at social dance events around North America & soon, internationally too!

How does it work?

Like West Coast Swing, Hustle dancers who place in their J&J divisions earn "points" that publicly attest to their proficiency and qualify them to enter higher competition levels as they advance their skills over time. A minimum of 5 dancers (by role) is needed for points to be awarded.

How do I participate?

If you're a dancer, attend an HDT participating dance event and sign-up to compete in the Hustle Jack & Jill. No partner necessary! If you're an event director, find out how you can join the HDT circuit to promote Hustle and draw more dancers to your event.


The Beat Moves On!


The leisure suits and platform shoes may be gone, but Swing and Salsa lovers the world over are re-discovering the joy and fun that Hustle brings to their life and dance repertoire. You can't be sad when you're dancing Hustle! 

So don't even take a 2 song break! Join the movement now by attending a HDT event and see for yourself!

Raise the Bar

No one ever drifts into excellence. Become a better dancer by competing in Hustle and earn points that attest to your accomplishments. You don't even need a regular dance partner. The Jack and Jill format randomly matches a leader with a follower who then both dance Hustle to a randomly chosen song by the DJ. It’s a true test of your ability to lead or to follow. But it's way more than just the steps you take.  How you relate to your partner, interpret the music, and express that in your partnership are the foundations of a great dance. It takes time, patience, and a lot of practice, but the payoff is well worth it. Curious about how it works?


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